NYC Local Law 95 – Compliance Guide for Buildings

Exciting changes are underway in New York! These changes are not only focused on the environment but also on shaping our future. One such change is the introduction of Local Law 95, a groundbreaking legislation that compels us to scrutinize our energy and water consumption in buildings. It urges us to reevaluate our practices and … Read more

NYC Energy Consulting Experts

energy consulting nyc 10001

In the heart of New York City, a group of forward-thinking professionals is transforming urban energy use by providing renewable energy consulting services to the real estate community. These experts in energy consulting navigate complex regulatory environments to ensure compliance and help the city achieve its climate goals. They possess a broad range of skills … Read more

Accelerator Training – Boost Your Business

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Embarking on an accelerator program is akin to injecting your business with a potent serum of growth and ingenuity, where leadership development becomes a pivotal part of enhancing the customer experience. These intensively focused sessions are designed to not only steer companies through choppy market waters but also transform leaders into strategic visionaries. Key personnel … Read more

Cap andTrade Explained – Eco Friendly Guide

In the realm of environmental policy, the system known as cap and trade stands as an innovative approach, cleverly blending economic incentives with environmental protection, where the cap and trade program is specifically designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by setting a limit on pollution and creating a market for companies to buy and sell … Read more

Elevator Door Restrictors Safety Guide

elevator door restrictors nyc

The seamless integration of these safety mechanisms with sophisticated sensor systems provides a multi-tiered defense against operational issues, particularly when elevator door restrictors are employed to enhance the security of the system. This synchronized system creates a robust shield of protection for those using the elevator, responding swiftly to potential obstructions. It is crucial to … Read more

Cut Greenhouse Gas Emission – Eco Tips

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In an era where the specter of climate change looms large, it’s critical to shift our habits towards sustainability for both our well-being and the planet’s future, with a particular focus on reducing our reliance on fossil fuels to curb global greenhouse gas emissions. One of the silent culprits contributing to the escalation of emissions … Read more

LL97 Compliance Guide – Key Requirements

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In the bustling metropolis where the skyline is constantly evolving, adhering to the LL97 requirements is a paramount concern for building owners, who must also juggle the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions with the management of escalating energy costs. Enacted as part of New York City’s ambitious Climate Mobilization Act, LL97 mandates significant reductions in … Read more

Understanding Local Law – Your Essential Guide

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The shaping and enhancement of the communities in which they live is significantly influenced by the enforcement of state and each local law designed to promote safety and well-being. This includes the New York City fire code and building code, which establish current fire safety standards for residential buildings and dictate requirements such as self-closing … Read more

NYC Local Law 84 Compliance Guide

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Navigating the intricacies of New York City’s commitment to a sustainable future, building owners are now at the forefront of an environmental revolution, as they diligently comply with Local Law 84 by benchmarking their energy performance through the Energy Star Portfolio Manager tool provided by the Environmental Protection Agency. Under Local Law 84, which is … Read more

Optimize with Building Energy Ratings

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As you may not know, in NYC and across the State, building energy ratings are being integrated into architectural designs and retrofit projects. This is leading to notable advancements in building energy efficiency. Not only that, but cutting edge innovation in the form of smart glass has dramatically improved energy performance by adapting to external … Read more