New Skyscraper in New York – Latest Addition to NYC Skyline

West 57th Street new skyscraper in new york city

In the heart of Manhattan, a breathtaking skyscraper ascends towards the heavens, epitomizing a fusion of futuristic design and functional elegance, rivaling the iconic Empire State Building with its innovative architecture crafted by the renowned SHoP Architects. The brainchild of the acclaimed SHoP Architects, this addition to NYC’s skyline doesn’t just share space with giants … Read more

Standard Data for Buildings – Key Info for Properties

local law 97 sustainability

Standard data for buildings: In an ever-evolving real estate landscape, the harmonization of standard data for buildings represents a key driver of efficiency, particularly when it comes to measuring energy performance and providing building owners with actionable insights. By establishing uniform data sets, building owners obtain crucial insights into their properties’ energy performance. This systematic … Read more

Local Law 92 & 94 – Compliance Made Easy

local law 92 & 94 nyc

Property owners and developers are increasingly recognizing the advantages of incorporating sustainable roofing solutions into their buildings, such as installing solar panels or creating green roofs to comply with local law 92 and 94, which mandate eco-friendly practices in certain sustainable roofing zones. The introduction of local law 92 and 94 is a significant step … Read more

NYC Local Law 33 – Compliance for Agents

missing rooftop gardens looking down on nyc

As the dawn of responsible urban living rises, agents in the heart of New York City are learning to navigate the intricacies of the groundbreaking Local Law 33, which mandates a clear building energy efficiency rating, compelling owners to display their energy efficiency grade at the entrance, signaling a more transparent era for building energy … Read more

Local Law 87 Compliance Guide

nyc bans natural gas

In the bustling core of New York City, where the skyline showcases a stunning array of architectural wonders, property owners must navigate the complex waters of energy conservation, illuminated by the provisions of Local Law 87, which mandates that buildings undergo periodic energy audits and submit an energy efficiency report to ensure compliance with the … Read more

Local Law 97 Compliance – Consultation Services

Navigating NYC’s Local Law 97 for greener skies, building owners face stringent emissions limits, pushing them to adopt innovative measures to curb their properties’ greenhouse gas emissions and comply with the new regulations. Integral to this initiative is Local Law 97, a legislation within the Climate Mobilization Act destined to play a transformative role in … Read more

NYC Local Law 88 – Compliance Services

To bridge the gap between legislative mandates and their real-world applications, New York City’s Local Law 88 stands out as a pivotal part of the city’s environmental strategy, requiring building owners to perform lighting upgrades and adhere to the NYC Energy Conservation Code, thus significantly reducing energy consumption across the metropolis. This essential legislation requires … Read more

NYC Bans Natural Gas

local laws self closing fire doors

NYC bans natural gas: In a groundbreaking stride towards sustainability, New York City is phasing out a traditional energy source by banning new natural gas hookups to curb greenhouse gas emissions. The decision to discontinue natural gas hookups in newly constructed buildings is set to impact various sectors across the city significantly. From an economic … Read more